March 9, 2016



• Change your Facebook cover pic and profile pic

• Wear something orange : t-shirts, dresses, shoes, jewellery, scarves, hats…

• Colour your hair orange

• Wear orange lipstick or nail polish

• Take selfies of yourself doing just about anything ‘orange’

• Get creative – make an orange-only fruit platter

• Give orange flowers to someone as a gift

• Find orange buildings, steer signs, flowers : take selfies with them

• Buy Go Orange merchandise (ribbons, wristbands and pens available for purchase soon)

• Do fun things that include the colour orange …. the quirkier, the better!

• Drink orange juice, orange cocktails….


Give up something for the month of May and have people sponsor you. People with PWS have to go without a lot of things you don’t, such as sweet treats, fast foods, soft drinks, high carb foods. Let’s see if you can do it for a month and raise some funds for a great cause in the process.


• Change your logo colour to Orange for the month of May

• Make your computer desktop image of something Orange

• Send out calendar invitations to your staff/members reminding them to Go Orange on (or near) 31st May 2019

• Buy ribbons, wristbands, pens and other merchandise from our online store and distribute them on 31st May 2019

• Make 31st May 2019 your ‘Casual Friday’ and ask people to include something orange in their outfit

• Have a social day/afternoon and include orange signature drinks and napkins

• Decorate the office/club house with Orange streamers, ribbons or balloons

• Place the Go Orange for PWS Day ribbon and logo image on your website, in your newsletter, and on social media pages

• Have a “pass the orange” competition in your lunch hour! Gather people into teams of equal numbers and make them stand in a line. Have the first person place an orange under their chin, hold it in place, and pass it using no hands to the next person in the line. If it gets dropped, it has to go back to the start of the line. First team to get to the end of their line without dropping the orange wins!  It’s hilarious and lots of fun.


• All students wear something orange on Friday 31st May 2019 and request Gold Coin Donation

• Play games and activities that include something orange, be it a ball, a rope, hula hoops etc

• Organise a Zumba/fitness/dance class for the entire school to participate all at once

• Serve oranges, carrots, apricots, mangoes at snack time

• If you have a large open space like an oval, have students form the shape of an the Orange PWS ribbon or the words “Go Orange for PWS” made from orange items – or even themselves – that can be seen from above

• Have students paint or draw something orange at the beginning of May that can be completed and unveiled in an art exhibition on Friday 31st May 2019

• Decorate classrooms with orange ribbons, balloons or streamers